Live Game Manager

The organizer or referee can easily enter game results through smart phones in real time. Results are immediately available for spectators. Game real time management makes tournament more exciting and results quickly available.

Full support of Mobile devices

We have abilty to manage and to follow tournaments with different mobile devices.

Complete control over your tournament

Starting with the registration, ending with the game statistics, the organizer has full control over the tournament. You can enter information about the tournament . The organizer can add news. Add the sponsors, divide teams to groups and you have abilty to automatically generate schedules for games. You can manage games in real time.



The organizer can easily manage registered teams, accepting that the team, you can instantly add it to group. You have abilty to automatically generate a schedule, either by age group or group. During the games it is possible to enter game statistics to bring the game closer to everybody. Groups and statistics will be refreshed automatically during the game.


Team manager can make user to our system, after that can add and manage own teams. Manager can have several teams. You can register one team to different tournaments. It's easy to track when the games take place and look at the team and players statistics. Each player has own profile, where you can see player statistics, and it is possible to add the image of player.


Tournament games are in real time, which makes game tracking more interesting at home. Parents have an overview of how their children are doing and how many goals they have scored.