BFS CUP 2016


Rules of the game are regulated by FIFA and LFF(Latvian Football Federation)

Tournament system:

14 teams will be invited. Two groups with 7 teams on both days, qualification games for play-off and play-down group on 1st day, play-off and play-down group games on 2nd day. Friday`s first matches will start in the morning and Saturday`s final matches will end by 16:30 at the latest. Please take this timetable into consideration when you make your travel arrangements. We can`t make any exceptions!

  • 6-7 matches per day is guaranteed

  • Duration: 1x17min in qualifying and final round without half time. Duration in final match will be 2x10min.

  • Playing court dimensions: 55x35 m, size of goal 2x5 m

  • 7 players start a game, one of them have to be a goalkeeper

  • Goalkeeper is not allowed to pick up back-pass by hands

  • The penalty spot is situated 8m from the goal line

  • Points awarded: Win 3 points, Draw 1 point, Defeat 0 points

  • If one or more teams have the same amount of points then higher placing is considered by: head to head points, goals scored, goal difference.

  • 1-2 teams will share one changing room

  • Number or substitutions are not limited

  • Ball size: 4

  • Offside: No

The referees will come from Latvian Football Federation