Liepaja Spring Cup

Liepaja Spring Cup is an Elite level youth football tournament that takes place in Liepaja, Latvia. This time tournament will be held in Stadium Daugava, Liepaja, Jurmalas Parks on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of June.

Basic information: Players on field: 7+1 | Match time: 1x20min | Field size: ½ of standard football field | Goal size: 2x5m | Ball size: 4 | Offside: No | Goalkeeper is not allowed to pick up back-pass by hands | The penalty spot is to be situated at a distance of 8 metres from the goal line

Tournament system: 
18 teams will be divided in 3 groups. After group games top two teams will qualify for golden tournament, 3rd and 4th for silver tournament, 5th and 6th for bronze tournament. 5 games a day is guaranteed.